NetPolice Info

for parents and children

  • Monitoring of kids’ online activity without blocking websites
  • A map of the child’s interests at a glance
  • Calculation of the risk level and notifications for parents

Free trial period is 1 month. The service fee is $2/month for up to 5 devices

How Does NetPolice Info Work?

Analyzes kids’ activity on the Web

The service transparently monitors your child’s online activity without blocking access to websites. Therefore, the real interests of the child are not hidden behind prohibitions and there are no family conflicts over restrictions on access to sites.

Creates a map of child’s interests

The service provides a visual picture of the child’s interests in the form of a pie chart (social networks, music, films, education, dating sites, etc.). Parents can track their kids’ new hobbies and changes in interests.

Calculates the level of risks

NetPolice Info analyzes threats on the Web and calculates the level of risk to the child. It also considers the parent’s opinion on websites, or the category of interests*. For example, parents can set their own level of danger from 1 to 5 for the category “Online money games”, where 5 represents the highest risk.*

Informs parents about threats

Parents will receive messages, or email alerts about the detected risks with a clear estimation of the danger level. In their personal web account, parents can explore details and select how and when they prefer to receive alerts and a map of their child’s interests.

Why Do Parents and Children Need the Service?


Understand what their children are doing on the Web

Decide what is dangerous for their child on the Internet*

Parents can get a free online consultation from a psychologist once a month ( in future versions)

Parents have the opportunity to respond to risks on the Web and in real life, before any harm is done


They can surf the Web without constant restrictions

Conflicts with parents over blocking access to websites is eliminated

Protection against infected sites and ads ( in future versions)

Acceleration of browsing for favorite websites ( in future versions)

Why Is NetPolice Info More Efficient Than Usual Content Filters?

It does not interfere with the child’s usual activity on the Internet

It identifies the child’s real interests and the level of risk

Parents are warned about the potentially dangerous behavior of their child

It takes just 1 minute to launch the app on a child’s device

It eliminates conflicts with children over website blocking

Flexible settings for receiving notifications

The service considers the parent’s opinion on the level of danger of certain categories and sites*

A mobile phone with SMS function, is enough for a parent to use the service

Options for traffic protection and acceleration for a child’s device ( in future versions)

How to Use the Service

1. Sign up

Download the application onto your child’s device and activate it with one click. The service will automatically analyze the child’s behavior on the Web.

2. Get information

Parents will see the chart of child’s interests in their personal account. They can set notifications by e-mail or SMS: a message estimating the level of risk once a week and a map of the child’s interests once a month. 

Free trial period is 1 month. The service fee is $2/month for up to 5 devices

*This option may not be available in the current version of the service, or in some countries due to local legislative restrictions.