NetPolice Info
for mobile operators and ISPs

  • Innovative service for subscribers with children
  • The unique technology of web risk estimation
  • Monitoring without website blocking
  • 3 times more subscriber reach
  • Rapid deployment in 5 days

How does NetPolice Info work?

Web activity analysis Smart transparent monitoring of a child’s online activity without website blocking. No conflicts or getting around the ban.
  • After NetPolice Info deployment a mobile operator / ISP can offer its subscribers an Intelligent
    monitoring service for parents. HTTP-requests from a child’s device will be redirected to NetPolice Info
    traffic analysis module.
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Risk estimation Anomalous child’s online activity detection and calculation of the personal web threat rating from 1 to 5. A parent’s opinion on particular websites is considered in risk estimation.
  • NetPolice Info creates web threats rating using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods as
    well as dynamic content filtering and web categorization.
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Threats alerts Parents get sms/e-mail alerts with clear rates of threats. Detailed reports are available online in a user account.
  • Users can easily set alerts types and a timetable. The total web threat rate and the map of a child’s
    online interests with further details are available through an intuitive user web interface.
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Why is NetPolice Info more effective
than usual web filters?

Transparent monitoring provides a true
picture of online interests

A clear web threat rate based on
a unique analysis technology

Monitoring of any device with no need
to install software

No more conflicts over web filtering
and blocking

A parent may set a personal rate
of danger for any website

Parents can easily customize
e-mail/sms notifications

"Informed Parents" service
with NetPolice Info

Web activity smart monitoring for ISPs’ subscribers

Effective child’s interests are revealed without blocking
Easy a clear rate of web threat from 1 to 5
Convenient alerts on risks according to a selected timetable
Flexible parents customize the level of danger for any website
The usage case
1 A mother switches on the service for her child’s Internet package through her ISP’s web account or a call centre
2 She selects the type of notifications (sms or e-mail) and their timetable
3 The mother starts getting alerts on detected web risks to her child, like 1 sms once a week with the risk level from 1 (low) to 5 (high)
4 In case of high risks detected, parents may find details about visited websites, duration, etc in their ISP’s user account
5 Parents may set their own rate of danger to particular websites through their user account, and the service will consider it in risk calculation

Opportunities for MNOs and ISPs

2-3 times more subscribers than with the current parental controls
A profitable pricing for operators based on the actual number of users
ARPU and loyalty increase for subscribers with children
Easy to add new subscriber offerings and monitoring features
A rapid service launch in several days without infrastructure costs
A free fully functional trial with a quick deployment

Testing and deployment

  • A flexible modular architecture
  • Seamless integration in any telco infrastructure
  • Cloud-based deployment options
  • High scalability without heavy network load
  • Free 1-month testing for MNOs and ISPs
  • The key components of NetPolice Info software solution are traffic interception module, analytical module and user web interface.
    Traffic interception module redirects http-requests from a child’s device to the analytical module. After AI-based analysis, the system calculates the level of web risk and delivers it through the user web interface and notifications to parents.
NetPolice Info can be installed on a separate server in a secure segment of ISP’s network. Traffic mirroring to NetPolice Info server should be enabled on the border equipment (backbone routers).
Other deployment schemes are also possible, including distributed aggregation and analysis of traffic.
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Free trial

Send us a request and get a fully functional NetPolice Info version for operators with a quick start guide. The free 1-month trial version with a basic configuration allows delivering the innovative monitoring service to your subscribers!

We can also provide upon request access to the trial user web interface so that you could validate our web risk estimation technology!
For commercial versions of NetPolice Info,
please contact